Live the values of the GFI Academy and learn the key elements that define great players

Through our strategic developmental program, supported by our professional coaches with international experience, GFI focuses on technical, tactical, cognitive and physical development with the aim to maximize the individual potential of every player. GFI offers a full pathway in youth soccer to college and professional opportunities from our entry level Jr. Academy to our highest level MLS NEXT Teams.

Physical Care

We take care in continuously monitoring the physical evolution of our players and providing guidance in how they eat, how they work out and how they rest.

Cognitive Care

Mindset is crucial for performing at a high level. Our players will be taught how to read the game, manage pressure and control their emotions.


We identify and promote the individual talents of each player.


Our players will be asked to train at game-like intensity levels in every practice.

strategic mind

Our players will have a clear understanding of tactical principles and the ability to apply them in the correct moment of the game.

human capital

Our focus will always be on the development of the individual as a football player and as a person.