attacking play

  • Four-level staggered training
  • Wide formation
  • Small distance between players
  • Deep runs into space
  • Adaptive to opponent's spaces
Defensive play

  • Three defensive line organization
  • Compact defensive block
  • Staggered players in the same line
  • Quick possession recovery
  • Defensive superiority

  • Organized near loss of possession
  • Pressure after loss of possession
  • Midfield always occupied
  • Superiority/equality in the last line
  • Situational interpretation
Ball possession

  • Game system adapted to player
  • Game concepts adapted to team
  • Association between team players
  • Creative and brave players

  • Make sure that the opponent spends the minimum possible time within danger zones
  • Variable and dynamic block height
  • Associations between team players

  • Technical, analytical, and integrated training
  • Tactical training focused on game formation
  • Conditioning training on and off the field
  • Emotional, social, and leadership training